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Train Doors Trap Stroller Throwing Toddler Ten Feet

A woman and her toddler were boarding a Chicago train when the train doors closed on the stroller in which her daughter was sitting. The train dragged the stroller and flung her daughter off the station platform.

The incident occurred on the platform at a Chicago train station in November 2009. The train’s doors shut, trapping the stroller and dragging it along with the toddler approximately ten feet past the platform. The little girl landed on the gravel after being thrown from the stroller. The mother claims that she and her child sustained serious injuries, including injuries to her shoulder and other parts of her body that she incurred while trying to rescue her daughter from the moving train.

The woman filed a lawsuit alleging that the driver failed to ensure all passengers had boarded the train before moving away from the station. The lawsuit further stated that the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) failed to have a system in place that would prohibit the train from moving if a passenger was stuck in the doorway. Union officials questioned whether the door sensors failed because they should have prevented the train from moving if the doors weren’t fully closed, but it was later discovered that they were operating properly. The woman has sued an unspecified amount of damages.

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