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Train Accidents: Still a Major Source of Injury or Death

What do you think of when you think “train wreck”? A train-car collision? A derailment? An on-track equipment failure? The truth is that any of the above can result in a train accident. The most common cause? You guessed it: A train colliding with another vehicle.

Unfortunately, approximately 900 people die, each year, in train wrecks; hundreds more are seriously injured. Train accidents are still a major source of personal injury and death. Railroad companies are responsible for passenger safety; they must also follow certain guidelines and time lines for reporting accidents.

People who have been involved in train accidents, if they survive, will tell you how frightening an experience it is. And, if they survive, they are, most likely, dealing with devastating injuries. If you have been badly injured in a train crash, you might want to talk to a personal injury attorney; an experienced FELA attorney will outline your legal rights and what options are available to you.

If the attorney accepts your case, he/she has made a determination that you have a good chance of litigation success and may qualify for compensation as the result of the negligence of another (the train engineer for starters). The attorney will also assess the seriousness and potential economic value of your injuries.

This type of litigation often involves serious questions of liability and damages. It often includes multiple defendants and insurance companies. Various degrees of negligence must be sorted out and apportioned. If you are disabled, temporarily or permanently, from a train accident, you are likely to suffer financially as well as physically. It is a long road to recovery of health and to compensation in your lawsuit. Thus, you are probably experiencing difficulty paying your mortgage, rent, car payment and other important expenses. Further, you are probably receiving significant medical treatment and huge medical bills. What do you do?

One possible solution is a service commonly known as lawsuit funding. Seek an experienced and ethical provider of this valuable service because an appropriately placed lawsuit cash advance will pay your bills, relieve you of financial obligations, and provide you the ability to wait for a fair and equitable settlement or court verdict. You will not be forced to accept a low settlement offer because the insurance company or railroad company is deliberately delaying the proceedings to make you desperate. A desperate plaintiff is not a positive influence on settlement negotiations. If you suffer the additional misfortune of losing your case, you do not have to repay the legal finance company. The money is yours to keep, free of charge.

Lawsuit funding is easy to apply for, and after approval, is usually available within 24-48 hours. When it arrives, pay your bills, rest easy, get better, and await appropriate justice in the form of a fair settlement or a judgment and/or jury verdict. And, best of luck with your case.

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