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Toyota Deception: A Personal Injury Postscript

Most companies are required to pass certain inspection and testing standards before marketing products to the public. The Consumer Product Safety Commission sets forth guidelines and requirements for household objects in order to protect their users from injury. When it comes to testing automobiles for safety, these requirements are even more important since one unsafe car on the road can easily endanger dozens of people.

Testing on automobiles is also important after accidents. The people who are injured have a right to know whether the car they were driving contributed to an accident as a result of a substandard feature. On September 10, Toyota Motor Corporation was accused of hiding records relating to sixteen accidents. The company allegedly concealed crucial documents pointing to insufficient safety testing that rendered the cars more susceptible to rollovers. The victims in the cases are suing Toyota to reopen their cases now that there is new evidence. Toyota claims that the allegation of their concealment is a false claim brought by a disgruntled ex-employee.

In the meantime, sixteen accident victims have potentially been denied proper compensation for their injuries. In fact, four of the cases were dismissed on grounds of insufficient evidence. This means that these individuals will now face the expenses of two separate trials without the benefit of any compensation from Toyota to cover their medical expenses and auto repairs.

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