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Tow Truck Driver Dies an Agonizing Death After Being Dragged Over One Mile

You may have read about a horrific Colorado auto accident on February 23 when a tow truck driver was dragged to his death by the owner of the SUV he was attempting to tow. This father-of-two received a call to tow an illegally parked SUV. In the middle of hooking a tow cable to the vehicle, the woman who owned it jumped in and drove away. The man’s leg became tangled in the metal tow cable, and eventually was torn from his torso. Both legs were ultimately severed. Horrified motorists flashed their lights and honked their horns, but the woman ignored them. The man was screaming as his body scraped along the road. Police found a bloody trail and tattered clothing along the mile long stretch of road. The woman even failed to stop after the man was freed from her vehicle. He died in the hospital from multiple injuries and “blunt force trauma.” The woman claims she did not know she was dragging the man.

The tow truck driver has been laid to rest, but his family is faced with a difficult time trying to cope with their loss. His wife has filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging that the woman was negligent and careless because she knew her vehicle was being towed and that she was dragging the man. The plaintiff claims that she is faced with medical bills, funeral expenses, and her family has lost earnings and earning capacity as a result of her husband’s wrongful death. This is not an uncommon scenario. Cases like this are incredibly difficult physically, emotionally, and financially. Often, the family is thrown into economic chaos and faces a highly uncertain financial future. A wrongful death lawsuit is about recovering the deceased’s economic potential that was cut short due to the negligence of someone else. Unfortunately, in many cases a wrongful death lawsuit can take years to settle. Insurance companies may push to settle for an amount far less than the case value. Plaintiffs may be feeling the financial pressures and have no where to turn for support. What can they do?

Lawsuit funding is an easy way to alleviate the financial stress associated with a wrongful death. Lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance against a pending lawsuit. It is often recommended in wrongful death lawsuits so the family of the deceased can pursue what fair compensation and justice. Repayment of this lawsuit cash advance is based upon the outcome of your case; if you lose, you do not need to repay the cash advance. Applying for litigation funding requires no upfront costs, employment history, or credit check. Once approved, funds can be available within 24 – 48 hours. It really is that easy.