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Toddler Injured in Freak Auto Accident; Lifetime Round-the Clock care Required

A freak automobile accident in 2008 has left a toddler permanently disabled, requiring around-the-clock care for the rest of her life. After a truck driver ran a red light, he tried to apply the brakes in order to miss a van driven by the child’s mother. In doing so, multiple pipes broke loose from a pipe rack on top of the truck and smashed through a rear window of the van, striking the child in the head. Now, the toddler suffers permanent injuries, including blindness and traumatic epilepsy.

The family recently announced that they settled a lawsuit. The multi-million dollar settlement will be used to cover a lifetime of care for the child, including medical expenses which have already exceeded $850,000 for the first two years since the accident. A sudden, unexpected event, like a serious automobile accident can happen to anyone; this sudden event can change your life forever. Because insurance companies will typically look at an injury case as a battleground, cases often take years to settle. Fortunately, for this family, the insurance company was a progressive partner is resolving this case rather quickly. It would be nice if more insurance carriers made safety and justice a top priority instead of declaring war on victims and their lawyers.

Driving a vehicle is a dangerous activity; we, all of us, are one accident away from having our lives drastically changed. Many safety improvements have been made to vehicles, in my lifetime, to reduce incidents of serious injury and/or death, but a serious accident can still happen to you, to me, or to our loved ones. That is why I cringe when I hear terms like “lawsuit abuse” and “frivolous lawsuits”. These words are “code” for “lets reduce the amount seriously injured people can receive when they are catastrophically injured or killed in an accident”. Supporting these absurd concepts and electing and appointing judges who are hard on victims makes all of us less safe. Why, you ask? Because if there are not serious consequences to those who would maim and kill us, there is no incentive for them to act safely and more responsibly. Hitting a wrongdoer in the pocketbook is often the only message that the wrongdoer understands.

Most cases, because of insurance and big business delay tactics, take years to resolve. Had this case been prolonged for years, this courageous family may have suffered tremendous financial setbacks as well as the emotional and physical hardships it is enduring. The perfect solution for seriously injured accident victims caught in a cycle of litigation delays is for those victims to investigate lawsuit funding. A lawsuit cash advance may be available to help an injured person or loved one pay important bills and expenses, while waiting for a fair resolution of his/her case. With the financial pressure removed, there is no need to resolve any case for less than the full value of the injuries. The application process is quick and easy; Lawsuit Financial, for example, has an application and approval process that may take as little as 24 – 48 hours. There are no fees to apply, no credit check, no job requirement, no payments to make. And, if you lose the case, you keep the money free of charge. There is really no risk with companies like Lawsuit Financial.

If you are struggling financially while waiting for your lawsuit to settle or resolve, you owe it to yourself consider legal finance services. A lawsuit cash advance can give you the leverage you need against the insurance company are prevent you from being forced to settle too soon for too little. Lawsuits are vehicles that advance the cause of safety and justice; time is usually on the side of the wrongdoer. Automobile accident lawsuit funding helps put time on your side.