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Three Vehicle Collision Kills 6, Injures 34

This was an horrendous, preventable, chain accident collision. A Greyhound bus was making its way northbound on Highway 99 in California when it careened into an overturned SUV in the highway’s fast lane. After the initial impact, the bus continued on, slamming into another car, then sliding down an embankment and smacking into a tree.

The wreck left five dead at the scene and one died later, at the hospital. Four victims were in critical condition; six others suffered moderate injuries and twenty-four suffered minor injuries. At the time of this writing, police had not yet determined the cause of the accident.The whole accident scene was a mess and the police have no idea what caused the accident. Many questions are yet to be answered; for example, was the bus driver speeding at the time of impact? Was he driving while distracted? What happened to cause the SUV to overturn? Time will tell.

What we can count on is that there will be multiple-person litigation arising from this accident. There will, more than likely, be six wrongful death lawsuits and at least ten personal injury lawsuits to recover damages. It will be a lengthy process to sort out all of the details in the litigation and to begin to compensate the victims. How do those who have lost family members of who have been seriously injured support themselves while they wait for case resolution and justice in the case?

One answer is lawsuit funding. Many of the victims may be eligible to apply for a lawsuit cash advance to help them pay important monthly obligations that are difficult to make during times immediately after the death of a loved one or disability due to injury. Eligible litigation funding applicants are approved within 24-48 hours after the legal finance company receives completed forms and records from their attorney.

The “lawsuit loan” comes by check or by wire as quickly as possible; the legal funding company realizes that you need the fast cash now. You have bills you need to attend to, and they do not stop just because you have been badly injured in an automobile accident.

There is no cost to apply for pre-settlement funding; there are no credit checks and no employment requirements. It’s a quick and easy process. You apply for lawsuit financing, and, if approved you get the cash you need; you can deal with your important bills and expenses now and wait for a fair settlement or verdict, later. Tell the insurance company to take a walk until you get the offer of settlement your attorney recommends.

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