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Three Teens Dead After High-Speed Crash in Metro Park

Every year thousands of teens die in traffic accidents-often as a result of the teenage driver’s excessive speed, lack of experience, or inattention. A speeding driver, especially and inexperienced one, is less able to negotiate turns and to steer around hazards. It is relatively easy to lose control and collide with another vehicle or an obstacle such as a guardrail or pole. Serious injuries and fatalities are a likely outcome.

Three 17-year-olds were killed and two injured when their speeding Jaguar went off the road, crashed through a guardrail and careened into the river. The vehicle came to a stop on its side halfway in the water. Four of the teens were ejected from the vehicle; only one was wearing a seat belt and had to be rescued from the water by firefighters. Three of the four occupants ejected were pronounced dead at the scene. The two survivors were taken to a local hospital; one remains in critical condition. After pulling the vehicle out of the river, investigators found “remnants of alcohol,” but said they would not know if the occupants were under the influence until the toxicology reports came back. It is still unknown who was driving the vehicle or if other factors besides speed contributed to the fatal accident.

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