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Three New Lawsuits in West Virginia Gas Explosion

If you have been the victim of gas explosion resulting to the negligence or wrongdoing of another, you may seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. You may also qualify for pre-settlement litigation funding.

In December 2011, a natural gas explosion in Sissonville, West Virginia set several homes on fire and badly burned a section of Interstate 77. The explosion occurred in a 20-inch transmission line owned by NiSource, Inc., parent of Columbia Gas.

Seven lawsuits were filed against Columbia Gas Transmission LLC earlier this year. Three new lawsuits were filed against NiSource, Inc. and Columbia Gas for injuries allegedly sustained from the explosion. The latest lawsuits claim as a result of the explosion, the plaintiffs were forced from their properties and have been required to relocate to new homes. The plaintiffs claim the defendants’ breach of duties was the cause of the injuries and damages suffered by the plaintiffs.

The suit states that the defendants:

•failed to inspect, maintain, operate, repair and/or monitor the gas transmission pipelines

•failed to ensure that the gas transmission lines were safe for use and had not corroded to the point of failure.

•had a legal duty to exercise the utmost care and diligence in maintaining and operating the gas pipeline.

•breached their legal duties by failing to exercise care in its operation and maintenance of the gas pipeline and failing to inspect the gas pipeline.

•were or should have been aware of the extensive corrosion existing on the gas transmission pipeline and the 70 percent reduction of its original thickness since it was originally installed in 1967.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

These families may wait several more years for a settlement to be reached. This long, hard battle to reach justice may place an additional financial burden on them. In order to avoid financial hardship, Lawsuit Financial provides pre-settlement funding to prevent plaintiffs from settling for less than full case value.

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