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Three Lawsuits Filed Alleging Contractor Negligence

It was a rainy September day in 2010, when a construction crew was working on the unfinished Revel casino project in Atlantic City. Three men were responsible for collecting concrete in metal buckets as the concrete was brought up from the ground.

Suddenly the sky grew darker and the winds became stronger; lightning could be seen in the distance. The men feared for their safety, and wanted to seek shelter, but the concrete kept coming despite potential danger. The foreman said supervisors delivered rain jackets and told the workers they must continue despite the weather.

Finally, the three men decided to empty one last bucket before quitting even if it meant losing their jobs. But, it was one bucket too late. A bolt of lightning streaked through the sky, striking an 800-foot-tall metal crane running along the side of the building. One worker was gripping a metal bucket at the time. He was killed instantly leaving behind a wife and two small children. The other two workers were struck by lightning, but survived. Why? Because these greedy corporations decided that the already delayed $2.4 billion casino project was more important than employee safety.

OSHA fined Network Construction $3,000 for violating federal regulations that state when a local storm warning has been issued, safety personnel must determine whether personnel and equipment must be secured. The victim’s widow has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Tishman Construction Corporation and its subcontractor. The suit claims that the companies were careless, negligent, and reckless in failing to warn workers of the thunderstorm and forcing them to work in dangerous conditions. It claims the companies had ample warning that dangerous conditions were looming and should have ceased work until the weather cleared. The suit contends that contractors refused to jeopardize the scheduled opening date at the risk of its employees. The foreman and the other worker have filed separate lawsuits.

The purpose of a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit is to provide compensation to innocent victims; it is a means to hold negligent corporations accountable to repay the injured party for their injuries or their loved ones for their loss. After retaining an attorney, seeking justice may place a financial burden on these victims and their family. They may be experiencing problems paying bills, such as medical expenses, funeral expenses, mortgage, rent, and daily expenses due to the loss of wages.

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