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The Waiting Game is Over!

If you are in a pending personal injury lawsuit, why go broke waiting for a settlement when you can apply for lawsuit funding?

The team at Lawsuit Financial understands that that the litigation process can take months, even years. During this time, you can easily rack up bills which can be as devastating as your injuries. This isn’t good especially if you need money now. Wait no longer! You may be able to receive a lawsuit cash advance today!

As a leader in the litigation funding industry, we are dedicated to helping injured people in a pending claim obtain the cash they need so waiting on a settlement doesn’t seem so painful. With lawsuit funding, plaintiffs can:

• Pay mortgage or rent, tuition, medical expenses, or daily living expenses.
• Have cash on hand for emergencies.
• Pay outstanding credit card payments • Fight for full compensation

Lawsuit Financial can provide a lawsuit cash advance in less than 48 because credit score and employment history are not factors in the qualifying process. All that is required to be eligible for funding is a strong case and attorney representation. There are no application fees or monthly payments, and most of all, you owe nothing if you don’t win your case. It’s like getting free money.

If you have been injured in an accident or have been waiting a long time to receive your settlement, don’t wait any longer. Call Lawsuit Financial toll-free at 877-377-7848 or complete our online contact form; we will do the rest.

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