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The Real Impact an Auto Accident Can Have On Your Finances

What would an auto accident cost you – car repairs and maybe medical expenses; costs that would be covered by your auto insurance, right? What about your financial well-being especially if you must withstand a long litigation process?

Debt following an auto accident extends far beyond the initial impact. Typically, the more serious the accident, the longer it will take for a victim to crawl out from under a mountain of debt especially for those suffering debilitating injuries and unable to return to work. Thing about it – how would you pay the mortgage, rent, car payment, utilities, or even put food on the table?

An auto accident attorney can help victims achieve fair and equitable compensation by making sure the claim takes into account the totality of the accident and its impact on the victim. Unfortunately, the financial stress while waiting for a can be devastating, especially claims that take years to settle.

Lawsuit Financial wants to make sure plaintiffs remain financially secure as they put their lives back in order. We offer cash advances against a pending claim, known as lawsuit funding or litigation funding.

Lawsuit funding is a means for victims to supplement their income to pay the bills and avoid debt. Once a plaintiff applies for funding, Lawsuit Financial will review the application to determine if the case has merit. Decisions are usually made in 24 – 48 hours. Proof of income or employment does not matter and we don’t perform credit checks; funding is offered on the basis of case assessment only. Repayment is only made from the proceeds of the case once the case successfully settles. If the settlement does not occur or the client loses the case, they need not repay the cash advance.

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Lawsuit Financial Corporation is a leader in the lawsuit funding industry and recognized by attorneys nationwide as a preferred choice for legal funding services. We are dedicated to securing lawsuit cash advances to plaintiffs based on case assessment only. Every case is thoroughly reviewed to ensure the highest probability of being funded. With a streamlined process, our professional staff works to ensure that each request for funding is processed quickly and efficiently, with funding available in as little as 24 hours. Lawsuit Financial prides itself on honest and exceptional customer service. Putting our clients, and their specific funding needs, first is our number one goal.

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