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The Other BP Case: Texas Crane Accident Results in Damage Award

This construction site accident took place in Texas; a 64-year old construction worker was attaching an oil burner to the boom of a crane while working as a turnaround contractor for BP America in Texas City. When the crane operator lifted the boom, it swung like a pendulum, right into the helpless worker, pinning him to a hand-railing.

The man was badly injured; he sustained a torn rotator cuff and herniated discs in his back and neck. All of his injuries required surgery. This was a very serious workplace injury; the victim had a long road to recovery ahead of him.

The case now over; the award has been paid. But, what did this man do for money while he waited for the case to be resolved? Obviously, he could not work in the construction field; he will, probably, never work construction again. So, how does someone in this situation support his family while waiting for the scales of justice to swing his way?

First, he did the right thing by retaining an experienced personal injury attorney. By retaining an attorney on a contingency fee basis, he did not have to come out of pocket for an experienced attorney. Like his fee contract with the attorney, he and victims like him may also get the money needed for living expenses by taking advantage of a service known as lawsuit funding. In this case, he may have needed money for medical and surgery expenses; he may also have needed money for basic support, mortgage or rent payments, car payments, utilities, food on the table. He could have gotten money for all of these things and more, with only his case as collateral, if he qualified for a lawsuit cash advance from a reputable and experienced legal finance company. Since the case is the only collateral needed for pre-settlement funding, his job and credit status do not matter and, if he loses his case, he does not have to pay the money back. This is known as non-recourse (no-risk) litigation funding. Once a litigant’s financial woes are eliminated, he/she may enjoy the peace of mind of simply waiting for justice to be served in the case. The litigant now has the financial ability to reject insurance company offers that are too small and/or too soon.

It is easy to apply for legal funding; a toll free phone call or online visit will get you started. Once approved, an accident victim’s fast cash ‘lawsuit loan’ is sent, by wire or by check, and in your hands within 24-48 hours. There are no upfront fees, no monthly payments, and, best of all, no hassles.