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The Most Dangerous Season For Teens

Today, I read an article about an under-aged drinking party in which fifty-two people were arrested. Forty-six were under twenty-one; two were young high school teens. A few things were interesting about this article. Police were called to the party by neighbors complaining that several vehicles were parked the wrong way on the street and blocking fire hydrants. Once police arrived, they discovered it was a “Business Hoes and CEOs” party with large quantities of alcohol and marijuana. Now I am familiar with “themed” parties, but this is a new one to me. If like me, you are new to this concept, at a “Business Hoes and CEOs” party the guys dress up in nice business attire while the ladies get decked out in slightly, risqué clothing – they are to look classy, but still show some skin. These parties have been popular for the college students, but have recently been attended by many high school students.

This article was especially alarming because it involved students from the same school district as a 17-year-old girl who drowned while attending an underage drinking party in 2008. She was one of a group of teens who were apparently party-hopping after their high school won the homecoming football game. The teen was found face down in a swamp. A wrongful death lawsuit in the girl’s drowning was recently settled. The Business Hoes and CEOs party was held just blocks away from the girl’s home.

Unfortunately, underage drinking is not limited to this Boston suburb; it is a nationwide problem that often results in tragic consequences. The school year will soon be coming to an end, but before that many seniors will be excitedly preparing for prom and graduation. Although a time to celebrate, statistics show that the months of April – June are the most dangerous for teens. One-third of alcohol-related auto fatalities involving teens each year happen during these months. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol-related accidents spike during April, May and June, the peak months for proms and graduations. Students against Drunk Driving (SADD) reports automobile accidents are the leading cause of death among teens, and approximately 36 percent of auto fatalities among 15-20 year-olds are alcohol-related.

While it is obvious that kids under 21-years-old are drinking, it doesn’t mean that parents should stop the lines of communication. Let them know that bad decisions have consequences. Research shows regular communication between parents and teens has a positive influence on teen decision making. Don’t let your child be a sobering statistic. Together we hope to raise awareness about the risks, dangers, and consequences of underage drinking.

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