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Lawsuit Financial CEO Mark M. Bello: The Lawsuit Funding Expert

Lawsuit Financial Corporation is owned and operated by the industry expert, the most experienced legal professional in the legal finance business, Lawsuit Financial CEO and founder, Mark M. Bello. Mark’s resume displays a wealth of litigation and litigation funding experience. There are many different types of people who have migrated to the lawsuit financing business. Some came from the financial industry; others, like Lawsuit Financial’s CEO, came from the legal industry. Few, if any, have the combined legal and legal funding experience of Mr. Bello.

The key element to handling lawsuit funding transactions successfully, is an expert understanding of the litigation process and what plaintiffs and attorneys go through before they are in a position to resolve a case. No one in the industry has a better understanding of the process and your plight (whether you are the plaintiff or the attorney) than the management and experienced staff of Lawsuit Financial Corporation. It is also true that many attorneys and clients do not yet understand how and when to use lawsuit finance products. Attorneys tend to dislike the product; some are outspoken opponents of legal finance services. The main purpose of this blog is to educate attorneys and clients on the best use of legal financial services.

Lawsuit finance should be used as one valuable litigation tool in the attorney’s litigation “tool kit”. The object of any personal injury case is to maximize case value and obtain the highest case resolution possible. The reason an attorney files a lawsuit, hires an investigator, hires experts, conducts depositions and other forms of discovery, compiles documentation, files motions or makes the critical decision to settle or go to trial is, ultimately, to attempt to maximize the value of the case. All of these are important tools in the litigator’s tool kit. Likewise, a strategically placed lawsuit advance can also enhance case value. If utilized properly and placed timely, a lawsuit cash advance will reduce financial pressure, caused by injury or disability, to settle the case early and cheap. By removing that pressure to settle before case maturity, the attorney and client purchase precious time to pursue the case to conclusion, often for a significant increase in case value.

Lawsuit Financial strives to educate attorneys and clients on the appropriate use of its core product. As part of this endeavor, one of our hard-working representatives came across this informative video which explains, reasonably well, how lawsuit financing is different than lawsuit loans, and how you can best utilize the services of a legal finance company. One word of caution: This video was not produced by or for our company, and Lawsuit Financial does not, typically, recommend the large funding amounts or funding ratios suggested. The timing of the advance described in the video could also be better (call us if you would like an expert analysis of your funding situation or the one described in the video). However, the video does a reasonably good job of explaining lawsuit finance services and its “best use” scenario.

Lawsuit Financial management and staff welcome your comments about the video and opinions as to whether it assisted you in better understanding our service and the best time to use it. We are the premiere provider of litigation funding services for auto accident, slip & fall, medical malpractice and construction site accident victms, or any other personal injury accident victims. We are available to answer any and all questions, free of charge, by telephone, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or on the world wide web at Please, let us know how we can help you.

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