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The False Assumption of SUVs on Ice

One mistake that drivers of SUVs make is to assume that their four-wheel drive vehicle can easily stop on snow or ice. Many assume that because they have four-wheel drive vehicles they will always have traction. Wrong! In reality, when it comes to stopping in wintry conditions a four wheel drive is no different than any other vehicle; it is still rubber on ice. There is nothing that will help when you hit the brakes. The combination of ice and braking can mean sliding out of control, and the heavier the vehicle the faster you will slide. Is that what caused an accident that seriously injured North Carolina police officer last month?

The police officer had pulled off a North Carolina interstate to help a stranded motorist who had slid on a patch of ice. As soon as he stepped out of his car, a woman driving an SUV slammed into his police car. Apparently, the woman driving the SUV hit a patch of ice, slid across the interstate and slammed into the police vehicle spinning it 360 degrees causing it to hit the officer. The officer was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery on his leg and hip. At this point, his prognosis is unclear; it may be a long road to recovery before he can walk the same and resume his duties as a police officer. It is unclear whether the woman was aware of the presence of black ice, if she failed to adjust to the icy road conditions, was speeding, distracted, or otherwise not in complete control of her vehicle
If you or someone you love is seriously injured by a negligent driver, the victim is entitled to pursue the negligent driver in court. In most states, medical expenses, wage loss, property damage, pain, suffering, and mental anguish may all be recovered in the potential lawsuit. If this police officer decides to pursue litigation, it will mostly likely take awhile for this case to settle. In the meantime, he may be unable to work while his injuries heal. He may need additional surgeries or physical therapy to resume full walking capabilities. If this is the case, how will he support himself and his family while waiting months, even years, for his case to settle?

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