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The Benefits Of Lawsuit Funding Are Priceless

Most plaintiffs do not have the deep pockets of big businesses, hospitals, and insurance companies so when facing a long litigation process, plaintiffs may need to seek financial assistance. Unfortunately, banks do not provide loans against a lawsuit and often times, family and friends are unable to help. A legal funding company offers many benefits that a bank does not.

Get the Settlement You Deserve
Accepting an early settlement offer may be tempting, but it is more often than not, far less than case value. An early settlement can short change a plaintiff and deny them money that may be needed in the future. Lawsuit funding can help plaintiffs avoid settling out of financial desperation. With a lawsuit cash advance, plaintiffs can, in most cases, receive the settlement they deserve.

It’s Not A Loan

Lawsuit funding is based solely on the merits of the case. Unlike a bank loan, there are no upfront fees, no credit checks, no employment verifications, and no monthly fees.

It is Risk-Free

Repayment is made if, and when, the plaintiff successfully settles the case. If the plaintiff loses the case, no repayment is due, not even the cash advance.

No Strings Attached

If approved for lawsuit funding, there are no strings attached; the plaintiff can use the money for anything he/she chooses although typically the money is used to pay the mortgage, rent, medical bills, auto payments, and other pressing expenses.

Easy Application Process
The application process is quick and easy. Simple visit us online or call one of our representatives to complete a one-page application. Once received, we request case documentation from the plaintiff’s attorney to determine if the case has merit.

Quick Turnaround Time
Once an application is approved, funds can be available for immediate use within 24 – 48 hours.

When faced with settling for less than you deserve, consider lawsuit funding. It could make a significant difference in helping you stay the course rather than accept an inadequate settlement offer.

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