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Thanksgiving Day Medical Misdiagnosis Results in $5 Million Settlement

Misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose are two of the most common types of medical malpractice lawsuits. Misdiagnosis means that the medical staff has incorrectly diagnosed the patient’s symptoms, often leading to a course of treatment that is inappropriate, even dangerous. Failure to diagnose occurs when a medical professional misses key symptoms and warning signs.

Ellen Wadsworth finally has something to be thankful for – justice! On Thanksgiving Day in 2008, Ms. Wadsworth was taken to the ER by her son after complaining of intense pain in her legs and unusually cold feet. She was examined by a Physician’s Assistant (PA) who concluded that the woman had a skin infection, known as cellulites. No tests were conducted to determine if there was blood flow to the feet. With a physician’s approval, the PA gave Wadsworth eight milligrams of Morphine and sent her home.

Twelve hours later, Ms. Wadsworth was rushed back to the hospital after she became unresponsive; she had suffered a heart attack. At that time, it was determined that she had blocked arteries behind both knees; a conclusion that could have been determined by a simple test the first time she went to the ER. Although doctors were able to save her life, they could not save her legs which were both amputated from the knee down.

Ms. Wadsworth filed a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging gross negligence. The suit claims that she had classic signs of an arterial problem, but her arteries were never checked that Thanksgiving Day. If they had, she would not be confined to a wheelchair today. The lawsuit sought damages for pain and suffering and future medical expenses. A jury recently found the physician’s assistant negligent and awarded Ms. Wadsworth $5 million.

If you have suffered from a medical malpractice injury, it is imperative that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. Do not pay for medical negligence; do not live with the consequences of a doctor error or misdiagnosis. In addition to the emotional and physical pain and suffering, you may be experiencing a severe financial hardship.

Plaintiffs do not have the deep pockets like hospitals and insurance companies. They can’t afford to wait forever for a settlement without feeling some financial stress. The good news is – plaintiffs do not have to struggle financially during the litigation process.

Every year, Lawsuit Financial helps innocent victims like Ms. Wadsworth seek fair and just compensation for medical negligence. We provide lawsuit funding to financially strapped plaintiffs who need help paying the bills until their case settles. Lawsuit funding is a cash advance based purely on the strength of the lawsuit. Unlike a bank loan, there are no credit checks, employment verifications, monthly payments. Best of all, the cash advance is only repaid if, and when, the case reaches a favorable settlement for the plaintiff. Don’t be forced into an unfair settlement. Contact Lawsuit Financial for a free no-obligation consultation or to apply.

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