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Texas Oilfield Crush Injury Victim Nets Large Settlement

This personal injury accident happened at a Texas oilfield. A worker was crushed by oilfield equipment that was being positioned by a tandem truck during a rig move. The truck was moving a mud pump that was used during drilling operations. The victim was pinned down and sustained crushed hips, pelvis and other extensive internal injuries.

The truck was owned and run by Fowler Transportation, a rig moving company. The personal injury lawyer who filed this suit on behalf of the injured man, his wife and two children, named Fowler Transportation as the defendant. The victim has a long road ahead of him; he will never work, in his chosen field, again. His settlement should assist him and his family to live as reasonably well, having lost the family breadwinner. But, while they awaited this final result in their case, how did they support themselves?

Like many victims of serious injury accidents, this man chose to file a lawsuit against the negligent company responsible for his injuries. As someone who has a pending personal injury lawsuit, the man and his family would, most likely, qualify for a service many know as lawsuit funding. To take advantage of this valuable lawsuit financial assistance program, a pending personal injury plaintiff need only apply for a “lawsuit loan”, online or by placing a toll free phone call. When a litigant qualifies, he/she receives the lawsuit cash advance within 24-48 hours; this enables the victims to pay all the medical and rehab bills, take care of the house and the two kids as well. Any and all financial problems may be taken care of by the pre-settlement funding company. It paid before a settlement or verdict in the case and repayment is contingent upon recovery in the case. That means that if the plaintiff loses the case, he/she don’t have to repay the money.

It costs nothing to apply for lawsuit financing; there are no upfront fees or monthly payments to make. Legal finance proceeds are sent, by wire or check, directly to the plaintiff within 24-48 hours of approval. Use it to pay important bills and expenses rather than settling a valuable personal injury case for pennies on the dollar because you need cash now. Pay your bills, reject that lowball offer, and wait for the case to produce a little justice. You deserve it.