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Texas Fatal Collision Leaves Unanswered Questions

One dead and one injured in this Texas head on automobile accident leaves many unanswered questions for the police.

It started out to be a fairly ordinary day for a Texas woman, who was in her car heading east on a local farm road in Fort Worth, Texas at 2:30 am. For some unknown reason, her car swerved over the center line and smacked into a westbound Ford F-250. The truck’s front end was totally caved in and its driver sustained some serious injuries as a result of the crash.

Responding paramedics rushed him to Fort Worth for medical assistance; unfortunately, the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. State troopers are still trying to figure out what caused her to veer into the path of the truck. This and other questions will need to be answered to determine what caused this deadly automobile accident. Was she uncertain of where she was? Was she totally exhausted and not paying attention? Was she listening to an MP3? Only time will tell.

The driver of the F-250 has some healing to do from the injuries and wounds he sustained; he is likely to consider and file a personal injury lawsuit to recoup damages for his injuries, his pain and suffering and his medical expenses among other things. A personal injury attorney who specializes in automobile accident cases will help him sort this out. I am certain he knows this.

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