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Texas Construction Accident Kills Worker

Hanging sheet rock isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and the worker doing it is in a position to fall. This construction site accident happened in Tyler, Texas at the site of a church under renovation. The worker was hanging sheet rock and took an inadvertent step backwards into a 3 x 6 foot construction hole on the second floor. The 41-year old worker fell two stories and struck his head on the ground when he landed. He left behind a wife and two children.

By the time other workers made it to his location, he was dead. The attending coroner felt he had died instantly due to the severity of his traumatic brain injury. There will be a full autopsy conducted to determine if there were any other causes of death involved, such as a medical event like a heart attack.

A full investigation will get underway at the construction site as well to figure out why the 3 x 6 foot construction hole was left uncovered. Safety rules and regulations on construction sites mandate that holes like this one be covered for this very reason. If someone was negligent in not putting the cover back on the hole, this may be the foundation of a wrongful death lawsuit.

The family will be in great shock at the sudden death of their husband, father and son. They will certainly want to talk to a skilled personal injury lawyer and find out what they can do in this situation. The attorney can outline what needs to be done to file for workers compensation or, if possible, a wrongful death suit.

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