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Two Teens Dead; Two Critically Injured in Three-Vehicle Crash

A three-vehicle auto accident claimed the lives of two teens from Shreveport, LA on July 6, 2012. Four teens were enroute to a lake gathering when the 17-year-old driver of a Buick LeSabre crossed the median striking a 2002 Toyota traveling in the opposite direction. Then the LeSabre hit a Peterbilt transport truck before coming to a stop. The teen driver was pronounced dead at the scene; the front seat passenger died at a nearby hospital. Two backseat passengers remain in critical condition; no one was injured in the Toyota or truck. It is unknown at this time what caused the teen to cross the median. The accident remains under investigation.

This accident may not be the result of an inexperienced teen driver, but rather caused by of speeding, distracted driving, or driving under the influence. No matter what, it is always difficult to hear about the loss of a loved one in an auto accident. Two families have lost their teens; two other teens are fighting for their life. During this time, the last thing these families need is to be faced with legal and financial issues, but it is important to contact an experienced auto accident attorney to understand one their rights. An attorney can help these families recover compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering. If a lawsuit is pursued, waiting for a settlement can take a long time, putting a family in financial ruin. Fortunately, lawsuit funding may be an option.

Lawsuit funding is a valuable service that offers a better solution than settling your valuable personal injury lawsuit for less than it is worth. This immediate funding source allows a plaintiff to take care of their financial obligations while giving their attorney the time needed to seek appropriate justice. With pre-settlement funding, a plaintiff can pay medical expenses, funeral expenses, or any financial obligations. The process to apply for a lawsuit cash advance is easy and it’s also free. If you qualify, pre-settlement funding, cash can often be place available in as little as 24 hours. Suffering injuries are the loss of a loved one is enough of a hardship; don’t succumb to a financial hardship as well. Call or visit us online to apply or for a no obligation consultation.

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