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Teen May Have Avoided TBI if City Installed Sidewalks Sooner

Bicycles use the same roads as vehicles, but unsafe roads can cause bicycle accidents and the resulting injuries can be devastating especially when the bicyclist is not wearing a helmet and collides with a moving vehicle.

A teenager is recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) he suffered after he slammed into a trailer being pulled by a truck. According to the police, it appears the 13-year-old teen was riding back and forth from the street to the grass. Apparently, he did not see the truck passing him when he veered back into the street, hitting the tire of the trailer. The boy lost control and was thrown from his bike, hitting his head on the pavement. The teen remains in intensive care, but no longer needs a breathing tube; he can now eat and talk on his own. Police said he was not wearing a helmet. It does not appear the driver of the truck was negligent in the accident.

Residents blame the lack of sidewalks for the accident. The city says sidewalks are an upcoming project, but won’t be installed until sometime in 2017. How many more serious accidents, or deaths, will happen in the area over the next four years? If that road was new, it may never have been approved, but since it is an existing road that has been there forever, it continues to be dangerous to pedestrians and bicyclists.

When substantial risk exists, such as a poorly designed road, the government entity may be held responsible for harm. In order to be successful at holding the government responsible, the plaintiff needs to show that a dangerous condition existed, but proving so can be a long legal process and difficult to prove. Even with the best attorney, such lawsuits can take years to resolve.

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