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Teacher Distracted By Pokémon Go, Driver Strikes Two Pedestrians Causing Serious Injuries

There are many contributing factors in many auto-pedestrian accidents; driver inattention being the most common cause.

A 38-year-old Clearwater, Florida man has been charged with two counts of fleeing the scene of a crash involving bodily harm after he struck two pedestrians on a sidewalk.

According to police, a 2003 Honda Civic driven by the man, passed through an intersection and veered off the road, striking the pedestrians. When the driver failed to stop, a witness on a motorcycle followed him to a convenient store, called 911, and detained the man until police arrived. The two pedestrians were transported to an area hospital with serious injuries.

The negligent driver admitted that he ‘panicked’ after hitting the pedestrians, then fled the scene. He also admitted to playing a video game on his phone at the time of the crash. An investigation continues, but police do not believe speed or impairment were factors.

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