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Taxi Cab Hits 65 Year Old Pedestrian in Crosswalk: Jury Hits Cab Driver

This taxi versus pedestrian automobile accident happened in San Francisco. A 65-year old woman was crossing the street, in a designated crosswalk area, when she was hit by a taxi cab. The woman was left with permanent injuries; the jury award reflects the fact that she will now need lifetime medical attention.

The woman and her family filed a lawsuit against the cab driver and the company that owned the cab. While they awaited justice in the case, they may have also placed a phone call or engaged in an online visit to a lawsuit funding company. Why? To determine whether they were eligible to apply for pre-settlement funding. In a case like this, accident related disability prevents timely payment of important bills and expenses, and an accident results in additional, unexpected, medical and rehabilitation bills. Families in this situation often wonder how they will make ends meet, now and in the immediate future, until the case settles.

These victims of negligence need look no further than a caring, experienced, legal finance company. At the initial contact, the plaintiff answers some simple questions, completes a short application form online or by telephone. There are no credit checks, no monthly payments to make, and no need to be employed. The case is what qualifies for litigation funding, not the person. This is not a “lawsuit loan” even though some in the industry refer to it that way. Once the initial intake form has been reviewed and approved, the lawsuit cash advance is forwarded to the plaintiff in the fastest way possible, usually by wire or check, within 24-48 hours. The plaintiff now has the cash needed for injury related home renovations, car payments, house payments and other important bills or expenses. And, most importantly, he/she does not need to settle a valuable case for pennies on the dollar to get the financial assistance that is desperately needed. Bills don’t stop coming because someone has been seriously injured in an accident. Lawsuit financing covers you financially, preventing you from having to entertain insultingly low offers to settle from insurance companies.