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Taser International Hit for $6 Million in San Jose-Lawsuit Financing Candidate?

In my May 29, 2008 post, I reported the filing of a $20 Million lawsuit against the City of San Jose, its police department, and the “stun gun” manufacturer for Tasering a motorcycle club member to death. I suggested that the evidence was such that this type of litigation, expensive, hard-fought, time consuming, with good potential for a liability and significant damages finding would be an excellent candidate for lawsuit funding.

On June 7, 2008, a little more than a week following the Police Brutality and Product Liability lawsuit filing I reported on, a federal jury in San Jose awarded $6 Million to the family of Robert Heston Jr, a Salinas man, who was killed when police Tasered him an estimated 30 times while trying to subdue him. The award was rendered against Taser International, Inc., the same manufacturer being sued in the previous report. The jury found that Taser International failed to “warn police that its stun guns could be dangerous when used on people under the influence of drugs or in conjunction with chest compressions”. The article does not mention if a Police Misconduct award was rendered against or a prior settlement was reached with the San Jose Police Department; this award was a Product Liability award against Taser international, the “stun gun” manufacturer. Obviously, there is a Taser problem in San Jose and, once again, it took a tragedy and some great legal work by a fine trial lawyer to expose the problem.

This case was hard fought, expensive, and lengthy. It is probably not over. Litigation funding is available to provide interim client or attorney financial support while a contested lawsuit is pending. If your clients are being financially stretched because of injuries or disabilities caused by an accident; if they are involved in contested, protracted litigation, a strategically placed lawsuit advance will remove or reduce their financial burden and lessen their willingness to settle the case early and cheap.

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