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Taser Death Results in $2 Million Settlement

This unfortunate death happened in 2009; police held a Taser to a young man for an unbelievable 54 seconds. A schizophrenic, the young man had stopped taking his medication; he became violent and aggressive and his parents called the police for help.

Police arrived and tried to calm him down; they warned him that if he didn’t calm down, they would use a Taser. The abrasive young man challenged them to do it; he said that he had always wanted to know what it felt like.

A female officer pulled out and utilized her Taser for 54 seconds, shooting a continuous electrical shock of 50,000 volts into the young man, leaving him lying face down on the ground. The medical examiner’s office ruled his death a homicide. The officers (unbelievably) were cleared by an investigation and a grand jury chose not to indict them.

The city’s $2 million settlement sends a clear message to their police officers; city officials realize that this case was serious and raises issues with respect to police policies and training methods, especially involving appropriate use of tasers.

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