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Take Control of Your Lawsuit and Your Life

Reaching a settlement and just compensation in a personal injury lawsuit can take years – time many cash-strapped plaintiffs do not have. For those who need to make ends meet as they wait for a fair outcome of their case, pre-settlement funding can be an option.

Although pre-settlement funding has been around for some time, it has become more prevalent in recent years. Plaintiffs that are unable to work for a long period of time and have little or no savings to withstand a lengthy litigation process may be tempted to accept a low settlement offer. Pre-settlement funding can not only help pay the bills, avoid long-term debt, and protect a plaintiff’s credit rating.

Lawsuit Financial knows how much an injury can affect an innocent victim, not only physically and emotionally, but financially as well. A plaintiff should have to suffer financially during an already difficult time. Pre-settlement funding can provide peace of mind, making it easier to focus on healing while the plaintiff’s attorney focuses on receiving full case value.

At Lawsuit Financial, we work hard to provide emergency cash to eligible plaintiffs as quickly as 24 hours. We provide funding based solely on the merits of the case at no risk to the plaintiff. If the litigation proves unsuccessful, the plaintiff pays nothing back. The only time we receive any money is when the case successfully settles.

Take control of your life by removing financial worries. If you don’t have the financial means to pursue your case and family or friends can’t help, call the legal funding expert. More information can be found at