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Every year thousands of teens die in traffic accidents—often as a result of the teenage driver’s excessive speed, lack of experience, or inattention.

Five high school students who cut class one afternoon last month were in a crash that killed two and left three others seriously injured.

The crash happened just before the end of the school day when a 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer left the road and rolled before coming to rest in a field. Three passengers riding in the rear seat were ejected from the vehicle; all were seriously injured. Police said excessive speed likely caused the driver to lose control, before the car flipped several times. The crash is still under investigation.

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Anything that results in a loss of income is hard enough, but when due to serious injuries from an auto accident, it can be devastating.

A married, father of three had just started back to work after nearly a year of unemployment. On his way to his newly acquired job, the man was rear-ended by a distracted driver traveling at 60 mph. Due to injuries sustained he underwent neck fusion surgery to join together broken bones. Although the surgery was successful, the rehabilitation was a lengthy process and he was unable to return to work. He ultimately lost his job. The negligent driver’s insurance company offered $60,000 to settle the case.

No one and nothing should force an innocent victim to settle for less than rightfully deserved. Aware that the offer would not even begin to cover his medical expenses let alone lost income, the victim contacted an auto accident attorney. Six months later, the case settled for an undisclosed amount.

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