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When you place your elderly loved one in a nursing home facility, it typically follows much consideration as to the needs of the elderly. You want to make sure that your loved one will be well-cared for and safe. Unfortunately, negligence is all too common.

General nursing home neglect can be a simple lack of staff interest in not providing for residents’ basic needs including water, food, and a clean and healthy environment. This form of negligence can lead to more serious illnesses and medical conditions. Bed sores and falls are a typical example of conditions that are relatively easy to prevent but far too common in many nursing centers.

A lawsuit may be the only way to seek justice and compensation for negligence. It may also be a means to improve safety and quality of care.

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Nursing home residents are typically older and in poorer health than seniors citizens who live on their own or with loved ones. They are also typically more prone to falling. However, a well-run and fully staffed and trained nursing home should be able to prevent the majority of these incidents. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is still an all too common problem. When issues of neglect such as falls occur, residents can suffer physically and mentally as a result. If a loved one has been injured because of nursing home negligence and/or abuse, victims and their families need an experienced nursing home abuse attorney by their side.

A family member is suing a nursing facility, citing alleged insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries and negligence to his relative.

The complaint, filed on November 16, alleges that the nursing home failed to implement a care plan to properly address the resident’s fall risk. Improper care led to the patient’s fall, resulting in a right hip fracture and ultimately deterioration of his health.

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Thousands of innocent victims are injured or die due to the negligence of someone else. These unfortunate events can result from an auto accident, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, slip and fall, or product liability. Usually the more serious the injury, the harder it will be for a plaintiff to withstand the litigation process, especially one who is out of work or requires around-the-clock care, or one who has lost a sole bread-winner.

Years ago, cases were more-often-than-not settled early and for too little, simply because plaintiffs ran out of money to sustain quality of life during a pending lawsuit. While defendants are financed by insurance companies, there was little support for the plaintiff. Today, before a plaintiff concedes to an unjust settlement, he/she should consider lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit funding is a lifeline, provided to help financially strapped plaintiffs pay medical expenses, funeral expenses, mortgage, and other important bills or expenses. By securing a lawsuit cash advance, a plaintiff’s desperation for cash now is relieved and his/her experienced personal injury attorney has the time necessary to obtain full and fair compensation. The best part is that a lawsuit cash advance is risk-free; it is contingent upon the outcome of the case and only repaid if the case is successful. That means if the plaintiff loses his/her case, he/she does not have to pay the money back.

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