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SUV and Ambulance Crash; One Dead, Another Gravely Injured

This two vehicle crash involved an ambulance on the way to a call and an SUV that may have not obeyed a yield sign and most certainly did not observe the ambulance siren or lights. The ambulance was attempting to make a left turn from an avenue on to a street when the SUV sped through the intersection and hit the passenger’s side of the rig. The impact was so violent that the ambulance rolled onto the driver’s side and remained out of control until it came to rest about 50 feet later.

EMS crews took most of the injured paramedics to hospital where the driver was treated and released, but one paramedic was so seriously injured that had to have his leg amputated. The driver of the SUV died at the scene. It appears speed was the major factor in this accident, but a full investigation is underway.

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