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Sunbather Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Volusia County

Two young children watched in horror as their mother who was sunbathing on a beach in Florida was run over by a Beach Patrol. The Wichita, KS woman was lying on her stomach in the sand when a 21 year-old part-time lifeguard driving a beach patrol made a right-hand U-turn and struck her in the head. The woman was rushed to the hospital where she remained for a week. She suffered hearing loss, facial fractures, broken ribs and other injuries. As an investigation into the accident continues, the woman, her husband, and two small children have returned home.

The woman’s attorney recently filed a lawsuit seeking damages for negligence against the county. The suit alleges that the lifeguard was poorly trained and made a careless decision. The lawsuit also alleges that the County was aware that the beach patrol vehicles, F-150 pick-ups, have blind spots and failed to do anything about it.

Since 1995, there have been 49 Volusia beach-driving accidents in which a pedestrian or sunbathers were injured or killed. While not all were accidents with a county vehicle, county officials are discussing changes to vehicles used by the Beach Patrol, with plans to phase out many of the pickups for safer all-terrain-vehicles. They also plan to revamp beach safety protocol. The woman was the third beach-goer hit by a county vehicle since June 2010.

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