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Sudden White-Out Conditions Leads to Three Fatalities and Numerous Injuries

Blizzard conditions are being blamed for a 46-vehicle accident on Interstate 94 in Michigan City, Indiana which claimed the lives of three people and injured 20 others. According to police, the accident occurred after a burst of lake-effect snow reduced visibility to less than 10 feet in a matter of seconds. Witnesses said one minute it was clear and sunny, the next white-out conditions. According to reports, the pile-up began when a tractor-trailer began sliding, then jackknifed and slammed into another semi-truck causing several other vehicles to spin out of control. By the time drivers from behind saw the line of brake lights, it was too late. In all, 46 vehicles, including 18 semi-trucks, were involved in the accident. Several cars were crushed between the trucks; some slid underneath the 18 wheel tractor trailers. Police and witnesses said it was fortunate not more were injured or killed. An investigation is ongoing.

When an auto accident leaves serious injuries and fatalities in its wake, victims and their families deserve compensation from those responsible. It is vital to retain a skilled auto accident attorney as early as possible to ensure victims’ rights are protected. If it is determined that the driver of a tractor-trailer is responsible, his employer may be held liable as well. Negligence can be the result of speeding, being distracted, or driving inappropriately for weather conditions, but the employer could be liable if it is proven that poor maintenance and upkeep of the tractor trailer, including worn-out tires and bad brakes played a role.

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