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Stun Gun & Beating Result in Liability and Settlement

Mathew Fleuret was in a bar fight in 2006; during the melee, police officers waded into the fray and began breaking it up. In doing so, Fleuret was pepper sprayed, hit in the head with a police baton and slammed down into the floor face first. He was then taken to the Orange County jail and put into a holding cell.

According to the lawsuit that he filed, after the experience, Fleuret alleges that while in the holding cell, he was subjected to several up close and personal face down experiences with the floor of the cell, pinned down by a deputy’s knee and stun gunned 11 times in 13 minutes. The end result of his treatment in the holding cell was a concussion, a torn labrum and post-traumatic stress disorder. He was unable to go back to his job on a construction crew.

The officers defended their actions in the lawsuit, stating that they were reasonable in light of the situation, however, they agreed to a $750,000 settlement before the case actually went to trial, that is 750,000 reasons to disbelieve the officers in question.

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