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Spinal Injury Victim Finally Gets Justice…Or Does He?

A family of four filed a lawsuit stemming from a January 2009 automobile accident. The father, a passenger in the vehicle and the family bread winner, suffered severe spinal injuries. All family members (husband, wife and two small children) suffered some level of injury in the accident. Recently, almost two years after the accident, the family received a $1.68 million verdict. For almost two years, this man has been out of work due to his injuries; two years of therapy and ongoing medical treatment; two years for this family to receive no compensation and no support for his family, as the result of the negligence of another behind the wheel of a car. I have no idea how much insurance was available here, or whether the entire amount of the verdict is collectible. I also don’t know whether the verdict will be appealed, which would delay recovery another couple of years, or so.

There are millions of families like this one, where a family member (or several) is seriously injured in an automobile accident. It happens over and over, year after year. Because greedy insurance companies rarely do the right thing unless they are forced to, the injured party must file a lawsuit and must wait a long time for the case to resolve in his/her favor. The insurance company knows the system, knows how to play it, and knows how to make a plaintiff desperate to settle for pennies on the dollar. The financial strain not only seriously impacts the victim’s life, it also impacts the case. A financially desperate plaintiff is not a positive influence on settlement negotiations. Often, a victim is quite willing to settle for too little, too soon. Your attorney is working on a contingency, so legal fees are not an issue. But, how do you survive, financially, while you wait for a trial or a settlement?

There are a few options; most being risky – credit card advances, home equity loan, second mortgage. All of these options require repayment regardless of the outcome of your case; they also require monthly payments. With a second mortgage, you risk losing your home if you lose your case. For many people, a viable alternative is lawsuit funding.

What is lawsuit funding, you ask? This is a non-recourse lawsuit cash advance with your personal injury case being offered as the only collateral for the advance. Litigation funding is a way to receive the cash you need now with no risk. Why “no risk”? Because the plaintiff does not pay back the “lawsuit loan” if the case fails to recover money damages. In other words, if you lose your case, you keep the money, free of charge.

Lawsuit Financial is a company that has been provided this service, professionally and compassionately for almost 12 years. We charge no upfront fees and require no monthly payments. After completing a simple application, if you qualify for legal finance cash, the money is provided by check or wire into your account within 24 – 48 hours. Why settle for less than the value of your case when Lawsuit Financial is here to help you? You don’t have to lose your house to make ends meet. We provide automobile accident lawsuit funding as well as pre-settlement funding for many other types of personal injury cases. Interested plaintiffs may apply for lawsuit financing from Lawsuit Financial by calling 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visiting us on the web at