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Speeding Likely Cause of Four-Vehicle Fatal Crash

Speed appears to be a factor in a four-vehicle crash that left one person dead at the scene.

A man was allegedly speeding when he lost control of his vehicle, went into a ditch. His vehicle went airborne before landing on a SUV on the opposite side of the highway. The impact caused the SUV to collide with two other vehicles.

The driver of the SUV was pronounced dead at the scene; his passenger is in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. The negligent driver and the driver in one of the vehicles struck by the SUV suffered minor injuries. The occupants of the fourth vehicle involved escaped unharmed. The investigation is ongoing.

Catastrophic accidents are life changing. Although it may be difficult for family members to think about taking legal action following the loss of loved ones, a wrongful death lawsuit may be the only way to hold the negligent party accountable for their actions and for the family to seek compensation for damages.

Wrongful death cases can take months, even years to settle, exhausting financial resources, especially when income is impacted. Victims will not only struggle with day-to-day living expenses, but with medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, and other expenses as a result of the accident. The bills won’t stop coming in just because the family is in a pending claim. To stay financially afloat, auto accident litigation funding may be a perfect solution.

Litigation funding is cash provided in advance of an expected settlement. This type of funding is not a loan. There are no monthly payments; the plaintiff agrees to repay the portion advanced when a settlement is reached. Should the case fail, repayment would be completely waived.

Litigation funding also give the plaintiff a strong advantage when dealing with the defendant as it levels the playing field when it comes to negotiating a settlement.

Once a plaintiff has attorney representation, he/she can apply for this non-recourse cash advance either online or over the phone. The process takes less than five minutes; funding decisions are typically made in less than 48 hours. Funding is based solely on the strength of the lawsuit; there are no credit checks or employment verification. The funds are also provided with no restrictions; spend the money as you wish, although we recommend that the cash advance go towards immediate needs, not luxury items.

After the traumatic event of an auto accident, it can be a great relief to attain financial assistance to cover growing bills. The experienced and professional staff at Lawsuit Financial can answer all your questions and help you understand the lawsuit finance process. If you do not have an attorney, we have a network of attorneys all over the country waiting to assist you. We would be happy to provide one in your area at no cost.

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