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Spectacular Police Car Crash Injures Two

On their way to a call, fully decked out with lights and siren blazing, two Los Angeles police officers were suddenly cut off by a red car. The squad car driver swerved to avoid an automobile accident and in doing so, hit a curb, which catapulted them into the air, sent the car through a brick wall and into an iron fence. The car finally came to rest on top of two parked cars in a shopping center lot.

While there were no people in the parked cars, the two officers weren’t in great shape when the dust settled and were taken to hospital for treatment. It appears their injuries may have been relatively minor for such a serious collision, but, even minor injuries have a way of developing into something far more serious. For instance, neck injuries may develop into severe whiplash, disk herniations, or fractures; a bruised side may become a cracked or broken rib(s) and a stiff back could mean serious lumbar disk or spinal cord injuries that take awhile to manifest themselves.

Either of the officers involved in this wreck may want to talk to an auto accident attorney about filing a civil lawsuit against the driver of the red car for negligently cutting them off and causing this accident. If their injuries do turn out to be worse than first thought, the lawsuit could ask for damages for their injuries and payment for their medical bills, therapy, time lost from work, etc.

If there is a serious injury; if one of the officers becomes disabled, he may wish to inquire about lawsuit funding to pay his bills while he waits for justice in his case. If he is approved for a lawsuit cash advance, he would typically receive funding within 24-48 hours by wire or by check. There are no credit checks involved, no monthly payments required, no up-front fees. Applying for legal funding is simple and free.

Litigation funding is advanced ahead of a settlement based on the estimated economic value of the injuries and what may be awarded later. When the money arrives, the plaintiff may use it for just about anything, but most use it to pay bills. If they lose their case, they do not have to pay the legal finance back.

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