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Sometimes We are Just Unlucky: Motorcycle Crashes Into Restaurant Injuring 8 Year Old Boy

Sometimes we are just plain unlucky; we get hurt in strange ways. In this case, an 8 year old boy was injured as he sat, quietly, in a restaurant, eating dinner with his grandmother. Suddenly, a motorcycle crashed into the building and into the restaurant, hitting the boy, and causing a serious leg fracture.

The eventual settlement was in favor of the unfortunate child for a sum of $150,000. No “jackpot justice” here. A sensible settlement for outrageous neglect. Obviously, a case like this requires the assistance of a personal injury attorney. In addition, while a child cannot receive lawsuit funding, the parents, if medical and care expenses become prohibitive, a lawsuit cash advance may assist a family in providing the medical care needed. This will help avoid allowing crushing bills to force you to resolve a valuable case too soon for too little compensation. Litigation funding would have allow this child’s family to take care of all of his expenses, things like medical bills, crutches, therapy, medications, rehabilitation and other expenses associated with the accident.

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