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Small Plane Crash Results in Wrongful Death Lawsuit and Settlement

A 37-year old restaurant executive was killed when the small plane he was flying crashed near a Chicago airport. His family was recently awarded $15 million. The executive was one of four people on the small Cessna when it hit the ground. The occupants were returning to Chicago from a meeting.

The defendant was a licensed pilot and financial advisor with Morgan Stanley. The wrongful death lawsuit alleged pilot error; it indicated that the pilot caused the crash as a result of flying the plane too slowly, causing it to stall and then nosedive. Morgan Stanley employer was also sued for letting employees use private aircraft on company business using non-professional pilots.

The family of this young executive had a long, hard struggle for justice in the case. They were suing some big guns. All they had on their side was an experienced, contingent fee personal injury, aviation attorney. On the other side, was Morgan Stanley with considerable power and a boatload of money. The family had just tragically lost it chief means of support. How would they sustain themselves, financially, through the long court battle?

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