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Slip & Fall Safety Tips for Winter

We all fall from time to time; most of the time, we get back up, brush ourselves off, and move on, without incident (other than, perhaps, embarrassment). No big deal, right? Maybe get a few bruises, cuts, or scrapes? Well, as much as we want to laugh when someone takes a tumble, people can be seriously injured, even killed, in slip and fall accidents. These serious injury accidents will cause pain, trauma, financial stress, and in rare incidents, even death.

As winter approaches, it is important for all of us to practice slip and fall awareness and prevention. A few simple precautions can help reduce our chances of being injured in a slip and fall accident. Here are some important, hopefully injury saving, tips:

• Wear proper foot gear, shoes or boots that provide good traction on snow and ice.
• Take your time; walk slowly and take small steps for stability • Avoid slippery surfaces as much as possible; never run on icy ground • Keep hands free for balance and use handrails whenever possible. If you slip, you will need your arms to restore balance. If you fall, your arms may help you break your fall and permit you to land in a safer position.
• Watch where you’re going; walk in designated walkways as much as possible.
• Test possible slick areas first; see how slippery they are before putting your full body weight on these areas.
• Don’t carry large loads while walking on snow or ice. If you do and feel yourself falling, toss the load so you may break your fall with your arms.
• Use a floor mat to dry shoes when going indoors

While some slip and fall accidents are preventable, many are not. If you believe that your slip and fall accident was caused due to the negligence of another, you should contact a personal injury attorney. It is important to determine if the condition that caused your slip and fall was one that resulted from the negligence of another and/or could have been prevented. If a business or property owner is negligent and this negligence leads to your injury, you may be able to receive compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of compensation, and medical bills.

Slip and fall lawsuits can be hard to prove. They often take months, even years to settle or otherwise resolve. Lawsuit Financial offers litigation funding services for personal injury cases, including slip and fall cases. If you have a pending slip and fall lawsuit and are struggling to meet your financial obligations, Lawsuit Financial may be able to help. Our lawsuit funding service will provide the cash you need now, help you meet your financial obligations, and prevent you from being forced to settle too early for too little. And, with Lawsuit Financial, you only pay us back if you win your case. It is a win-win situation. Contact us at 1-877-377- SUIT (7848) or for a free, no obligation consultation.

Remember that prevention is the best way to stop slip and falls especially during the winter months. You should not only ensure your safety from slip and falls, but those of others, as well so you are not held liable. Be sure to shovel driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. Salt any areas where ice may form. Fix hand rails that may be lose or broken. Make sure your property is well lit. If everyone took the time to make sure their property (personal and business) was safe, we would have far less tragic slip and fall accidents this winter season.

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