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Slip & Fall Over Cracked Curb Causes Serious Injury; Serious Verdict

Slip and fall accidents are often far more serious than the average person would expect. Most of us are able to get up, dust ourselves off, and be on our way. But, for this 60 something Philadelphia man, who was helping his son move into a condo, a fall caused a serious hip fracture; his foot got caught on a cracked curb and he landed hard on his hip, causing the fracture. This injury kept him off work for months.

The case did not settle; it went to trial, several years after the incident. At trial, it was revealed by expert witnesses that the parking lot where the accident happened was only lit to about 0.10 foot candles of illumination. Parking lots are required to have at least 0.60 foot candles of illumination. Poor lighting and a damaged curb were joint contributors to this unfortunate accident.

It is not known whether this plaintiff applied for or received litigation funding to help him with his wage loss for those long months off work, and the financial distress caused by such a lengthy time with no income. Serious injury accidents also result in significant medical expenses, pain medications, therapy and home health care among; all the while, regular bills and expenses, mortgage, car payments, utilities, etc., have to be paid..Pre-settlement funding is a unique and innovative service that allows plaintiffs who are victims of someone else’s negligence to apply for a lawsuit cash advance to tide them over until their case is decided one way or another.

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