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Slip and Fall Victim Learns How Avoid A Low Settlement Offer

Anyone in a pending personal injury lawsuit knows how long the legal process can be. When faced with outstanding bills, credit card debt, and looming foreclosure, victims without savings or help from family or friends were forced to settle for less than full settlement. Today, there is a better option; lawsuit funding.

I was a victim of a slip and fall accident in a grocery store. Due to my injuries, I was unable to return to work. My medical bills alone were a major financial setback, but I was also struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over my kid’s head. I was ready to accept an offer by the insurance company when someone suggested a lawsuit cash advance. I had never heard of lawsuit funding and had no idea how it worked. I consulted my attorney who recommended Lawsuit Financial. One simple call to Lawsuit Financial changed everything for me. With a $2,500 cash advance, the pressure was off to settle my case for too little. ~ Cynthia D

The lawsuit cash advance meant that Cynthia did not have to choose between accepting a low settlement and paying her bills. It allowed her to avoid foreclosure and gave her the time he needed to get the settlement she deserved. Six months later, Cynthia settled her case for $750,000 and which time she repaid the cash advance. Had Cynthia lost her case, she would have owed us nothing because lawsuit funding is provided to our clients risk-free.

When you can’t financially afford to wait for justice in your personal injury lawsuit, consider lawsuit funding. After receiving your application, we review the merits of your case. Once approved, funds can be available in 48 hours or less. There are not credit checks, employment checks, or monthly payments.

Call today to find out how lawsuit funding can help level the playing field so you don’t have to accept a low settlement offer.

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