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Slip and Fall Accidents are far too Common

Slip and fall injuries due to the negligence of the property owner usually occur from failure to maintain the premise (leaving debris, a wet floor, or fixing repairs), a poorly constructed building or design flaw, or improper lighting. Slip and fall accidents frequently cause significant injuries – broken bones, fractures, back injuries, herniated disks, head injuries; some injuries may require medical attention and long-term treatment.

When a slip and fall accident occurs due to someone else’s negligence, the victim may have the right to seek compensation for injuries sustained. Typically, the kinds of damages that may be recovered are medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, and pain and suffering; in the event of a death, compensation for funeral and burial costs and loss of companionship and support may be sought.

Determining negligence in slip and fall accidents requires legal expertise; business owners and their insurance companies provide vigorous opposition; a lawsuit is almost always required. From a liability standpoint, proving negligence in a slip and fall accident is, sometimes, more difficult than it might otherwise seem. Because insurance companies have money to deny, delay, and defend, you may become embroiled in contentious litigation lasting months, even years. Settling too soon for too little is not a viable option, but lawsuit funding is. Lawsuit Financial can provide slip and fall lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit funding is a service that provides some financial relief to litigants who are facing financial difficulties. Assistance comes in the form of a lawsuit cash advance, money that is advanced to you in anticipation of a potential settlement or verdict. It should be used carefully, for serious needs, like mortgage or rent payments, car payments or medical expenses. Legal funding is provided based on the merits of your case, through information provided by your attorney. Whether you have good or bad credit, whether or not you have a job, whether you own a home or not, none of this matters. All that Lawsuit Financial cares about is whether you have a pending lawsuit being handled by a competent lawyer. If you win the case, you will pay us our principal and profit; if you lose your case, our money is free; keep it with our compliments.

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