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Settlement Reached in University of Missouri Student’s Death

The parents of a University of Missouri student who died two weeks after falling at least two stories from a balcony have reached a $5 million settlement with the property owners.

According to the wrongful death lawsuit, the 19-year-old fell after he leaned against an unsafe second-floor balcony during a party in December 2014. He was found unconscious on the ground directly underneath the balcony. There was no medical evidence of intoxication.

In the lawsuit, the family alleged that the defendants were aware the balcony was defective, but intentionally failed to make repairs because the property was going to be demolished in the near future to make way for a new student housing complex.

This case is a perfect example that despite whether a settlement was reached in or out of court, it can take years for the plaintiff to receive compensation for damages. In the meantime, the plaintiff must pay the bills associated with the accident such as funeral expenses, as well as other ordinary daily household needs. Cases such as this are eligible for lawsuit funding.

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