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Serious Injury & Death In Orange County Florida Automobile Accident

Head on collisions are often the worse kinds of automobile accidents on the road today. This case is no exception. In this case, two people were critically injured and two died as a result of a catastrophic head on collision in Orange County, Florida. The two vehicles that tangled were a pickup truck and car. The car was a 1995 Honda whose driver, 29-year old Damien Edwards, was traveling south. For some unexplained reason he made an attempt to change lands from the left side of the road, to the right side. In doing so, he suddenly realized that a vehicle was already in the lane he intended to switch to. He attempted a badly executed correction and lost control of the car. It veered into the north lane and slammed head on into a Chevy pickup truck driven by 36-year old Wallace Livingston. Both Edwards and his 17-year old passenger, Terry Pender, were pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver, Livingston, and another passenger in the Honda, 15-year old Summer Flowers, were critically injured and taken to hospital.

Whether or not alcohol or any other substance played a part in this accident isn’t clear, as the investigation isn’t completed. Was speeding involved? It may have been, given the jerky over-correction by Edwards. Was either driver using a cell phone at the time of the accident? Were the drivers distracted by something on the road or not paying attention for some reason? A full automobile accident investigation report should provide answers.

In the meantime, the Flowers and Livingstone families may want to talk to a skilled personal injury lawyer and find out what their legal rights are in this case. They may also want to do some research into lawsuit funding; funding that would help them handle their immediate bills and provide them and their attorney with adequate time to handle the case to a just conclusion. It is difficult to do that when finances are tight and there is nothing like a disabling, accidental injury to make finances tight.

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