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Serious Accident, Serious Injuries Result in Historic Jackson, MI Verdict.

An automobile accident victim and his wife were awarded a $3.5 million jury verdict, the highest in Jackson, MI for an auto accident cast this year. The jury awarded the plaintiff $1.5 million for past and present damages and $1.5 million of future damages. His wife, a passenger in the vehicle during the time of the accident, will receive $380,000 in past and present damages and $120,000 in future damages.

The auto accident occurred in August 2008. The plaintiff’s van was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer when the truck driver was unable to stop and swerved on to the shoulder to avoid a rear-end collision. Unfortunately, the trailer jack-knifed and hit the rear of the van, pushing it into oncoming traffic causing the van to be struck by another semi-tractor trailer. The plaintiff sustained a traumatic brain injury, two fractured vertebrae, and suffers from depression as a result of the accident. He can no longer walk without the assistance of a cane, suffers from memory loss and the ability to concentration, and is not long able to perform activities that were once part of his daily life, and he can no longer work as a fork lift driver.

The lawsuit was filed seeking damages of $12 million. The defendant argued that the plaintiff did not suffer a TBI and said the jury agreed. There will be no appeal because both parties agreed that as long as the verdict was below $4 million, the trucking company’s insurance policy limit, the case would settle. Was this the right thing for the plaintiff to do? Does it send the wrong message that the plaintiffs past, present, and future injuries are trivial? We must rely on our jury system to make the right decisions.

When a person is injured in an auto accident and sustains temporary or long-term injuries it can be devastating in itself. Add to that time lost from work or permanently losing employment due to injuries, topped with ongoing medical care, and a victim can be sent through financial turmoil. Awaiting justice can be a frightening time for the plaintiff, who might wonder how to make ends meet.

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