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Semi-Truck Accident Results in Two Wrongful Deaths

Attorney Steve Laird, of Fort Worth, TX has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Melissa Hinkle, claiming that the Texas state highway department and others negligently contributed to the wrongful death of Ms. Hinkle’s 13-year-old son, Casey Hinkle, and her 63-year-old father, Gervious Dale Hinkle. Ms. Hinkle was also injured in the semi-truck accident and has received extensive medical treatments, according to the lawsuit. Even though her visible injuries are fading, the emotional damage she suffered from losing her only son and her father may never heal.

The accident took place on a stretch of Interstate 35, which was undergoing repairs six miles south of Gainesville. Mrs. Hinkle’s Ford Explorer was hit by a semi-truck as it entered the construction zone. The lawsuit claims that the repair work “created a traffic jam that backed up for miles” prior to the wreck.

Ms. Hinkle is suing five parties, including the driver of the truck, the company for which the driver worked, the company that had the contract to perform the construction work on the interstate bridge, and the Texas Department of Transportation. The lawsuit alleges that the construction company, KKM Construction, Inc., caused a traffic jam which backed up interstate traffic for miles at the time of the accident. Randy Crume, the driver of the truck, was driving too fast as he entered the construction area, causing him to crash into Hinkle’s SUV.

Mr. Laird said:

“Ms. Hinkle is filing this lawsuit with the hope that it will bring change and prevent something like this tragedy from happening to another family. Every defendant in this case had a hand in these unnecessary deaths, and we intend to make sure they are held accountable. This has to stop before more innocent people are killed. What makes it so tragic is that it was preventable. The Texas Department of Transportation didn’t have an adequate safety traffic control plan in place which allowed for these accidents to happen.”

Trucking accidents cause thousands of catastrophic and devastating injuries and deaths each year, resulting in lawsuits which can often take an extended time to settle. Each year, over 8 million registered semi trucks travel over 200,000 million miles on the road in the United States and more than a half of a million truck accidents occur. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 130,000 people are injured and 5,000 people are killed in semi truck crashes involving passenger vehicles. When truck accidents occur, the occupants of cars are most likely injured due to the size and weight of large commercial big rig trucks.

Here are some common reasons for semi-truck accidents:

* Limited visibility
* Fatigue
* Speed
* Improper lane change
* Failure to yield right of way
* Aggressive driving
* Bad weather conditions
* Drug or alcohol abuse
* Tire blowouts
* Poorly trained or inexperienced truck drivers
* Overloaded trucks
* Brake problems or defects
* Malfunctioning equipment, like signal lights or brake lights
* Traveling in reverse

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