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Seeking Justice Is Made Easier With Litigation Funding

For a personal injury victim or the family of a wrongful death victim, the question often remains – “Should I pursue a case in an attempt to seek justice?” The best approach is to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. After the consultation, if a victim decides to file a lawsuit, but staying financially afloat during this time becomes a problem, Lawsuit Financial may be able to provide financial assistance, known as litigation funding.

Here is an example of how litigation funding works.
A Michigan man was seriously injured in an auto accident when another driver was distracted with a phone call and slammed into the back end of his vehicle. The impact caused the man to lose control of his car and careen down an embankment. He suffered serious and disabling injuries; his wife was killed. The man was a physically and emotionally unable to work or take care of his two small children. The insurance company remained unreasonable by denying the claim. A lawsuit was filed, but it would take months, if not years, to settle. As the bills began to accrue and the mortgage was behind several months, the victim was facing foreclosure. It talked to his attorney about accepting the insurance company’s offer who suggested litigation funding.

1. The plaintiff applied for a lawsuit cash advance with Lawsuit Financial.
2. We contacted his attorney for case documentation.
3. Our underwriters reviewed the case to determine merit.
4. The plaintiff was approved and a contract was drafted for signature.
5. 24 hours later, we wired $2,500 into his back account for immediate use.

It was that simple. Within 6 months, the plaintiff successfully settled his case and Lawsuit Financial was repaid through the settlement. Had this client lost his case, repayment of the lawsuit cash advance would have been completely waived.

If you have been injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of someone else, and are •unable to pay your bills,
•unable to return to work,
•at risk of losing your home,
•faced with mounting medical expenses, funeral expenses, and daily household expenses, and/or •feeling the financial pressure to settle your case for inadequate compensation,

contact Lawsuit Financial in order to receive fight for your rights and receive the compensation you deserve. There are no monthly payments, credit checks, or employment verification. You can apply online or we would be happy to answer any questions and take your application over the phone. Don’t let someone else’s negligence and the greedy insurance companies threaten your financial survival. Let Lawsuit Financial assist you in receiving the maximum compensation for your valuable case.

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