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Second Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in 2011 Key West World Championship

Another wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Super Boat International (SBI) Productions Inc. and its president, John Carbonell, along with four other race officials.

Three racers died in the 2011 Key West World Championship. A wrongful death lawsuit filed last year is still pending. The latest lawsuit was filed by the family of the two men who died when their 46-foot catamaran did a reverse flip and crashed inside Key West Harbor. According to the lawsuit, the defendants’ rescue effort was improperly equipped, poorly coordinated, and took too long to pull one victim from the overturned catamaran, resulting in his drowning. The suit also alleges that race officials the catamaran did not meet industry safety standards for its canopy and cockpit system.

Although race officials are denying all charges, the deaths prompted additional safety measures, including requiring canopy boat-equipped race teams to develop and share exit strategies with race officials. The 2012 Key West World Championship ended without any major injuries.

The first wrongful death lawsuit was filed nearly two years ago and is still pending. How many more years will it be before a settlement is reached? How many years will this current wrongful death case take to reach a verdict or settlement? During this time, the families may be struggling financially. How long can they hang on?

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