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Roof Caves In: One Dead, Two Seriously Injured

Working up on the roof on a construction site is one risky job. Many things can go wrong, and in this case, something did: The roof of a church collapsed while under construction and one man was killed and two seriously injured.

The accident happened at a church construction work site; workers were on the roof when one of the supports gave out and the roof fell in. Just prior to the accident, workers had been taking out some of the 2 x 4s and replacing them with new ones. Each time they performed this task, they reported that they heard an “odd sound”. Suddenly, half the roof caved in.

Medical emergency crews took the survivors to hospital to deal with the serious injuries caused by being trapped under the collapsed roof. The US Department of Labor and US Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be investigating. No one may ever know what happened up on that roof, but these types of accidents do not happen without cause. Workers Compensation litigation and, perhaps, personal injury litigation will likely result from this incident. If these “co-workers” were not employed by the same contractor, there could be a negligence action if one of the workers made a mistake that caused the roof to collapse; maybe he removed the wrong support and caused the roof to cave in.

In situations like this, workers compensation almost always applies; a worker can recover workers compensation benefits regardless of whether anyone is determined to be at fault. An work-related injury is usually all that is necessary. Whether a workers compensation lawsuit or a personal injury lawsuit is filed, the injured parties will still need to pay their ordinary bills and expenses and their accident related bills and expenses (medical and rehabilitation expenses, for example) until they start receiving benefits or until their case is settled.

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