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Right Clothing, Right Casket, but Wrong Body

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After a calamitous event for a grieving family, a lawsuit has been filed alleging negligence by the Hollomon-Brown Funeral Home.

Going to your husband’s funeral and seeing his body in a casket is hard enough. But what if you go to his funeral; and see a stranger’s body? That is what happened to a Virginia woman last April. The woman paid over $6,000 to Hollomon-Brown for an open casket viewing, funeral services, and cremation for her late husband. When the grieving widow and family and friends arrived the day of the viewing, they found the most important detail missing – his body. His body had transported to another Hollomon Brown funeral home and took two hours to be returned. The widow alleges she still experiences “nightmares, panic attacks and flashbacks of seeing another man in her husband’s casket and clothing.” The lawsuit seeks $850,000 in damages.

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